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Profile for buckwestern

    Below is a complete listing of my rocket fleet. Click on any one of the links to take you to specifications, photos and videos (if available) of that particular rocket.

Name Length Diameter Construction Status Comments
0 0" (0 feet) 0" 0 Non-Flying 0...
Big R.O.Y. II 77" (6.42 feet) 4" PML Quantum Tube Flying This rocket has seen many...
Big R.O.Y. Rebuild 73" (6.08 feet) 2.5" PML Quantum Tube Non-Flying This is the rebuild of Bi...
RCDP - Flash 96" (8 feet) 4" Carbon Fiber Flying This is my level 3 rocket...
RDCP - Red Scare 110" (9.17 feet) 6" Glassed Phenolic Flying This is my ARLISS platfor...
RCDP - Thunderball 76" (6.33 feet) 2.5" CF-wrapped phenolic Non-Flying Risen from the ashes of B...
RDCP - Thunderball II 60" (5 feet) 2.5" Carbon Fiber Flying The fins were pretty much...
Geotraveler 17" (1.42 feet) 1.2" Estes tube Flying One of Ian's early rocket...

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