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Up and Away!

 Level 3 Project
This page should be updated frequently with my Level 3 Project information:

 Design Documents
Rough design graphic: Flash-M.pdf
Construction Pictures: construction.zip
SpaceCAD information: SpaceCAD Information
TAP Data Capture Form Results: L3 Results

TAP Data Capture Form Generator: Data Capture


The Flash was launched on 9/25/04 at XPRS at Black Rock. Altitude was 18,108' at 930 mph (Mach 1.25).

Video is HERE.

Pictures are HERE.

 The Road to Level 3
I began this project simply enough, not really thinking of making this my Level 3 rocket. Tom Rouse sent an email saying that he could get his hands on custom lengths of 4" machine-wound Carbon Fiber tubing. I jumped at the chance to get some and ordered 6' cut into 4' and 2' sections. Tom also graciously included a ScotGlass nose cone he had epoxied to an aluminum coupler. Since the tubing weighed about 8 ounces per foot, I was thinking of putting a 54 mm mount in this and fly it on easily available (and cheap) motors. Ideas soon began to sprout though, after talking with some of my fellow THOR members, about putting a larger motor tube in this bad boy. Progressing quickly from there, I had soon talked myself into using this airframe for my Level 3 attempt. Conditions seemed to be right for success: strong, lightweight airframe; long enough tubes for dual-deployment and a bit of a cavalier attitude about my rocket-building skills. That was all I needed and I soon started down the Road to Level 3.

This tubing is very attractive, with a pleasing weave pattern; therefore, I did not want to put too much paint on it. Several people were very vocal about their desire to see that weave unpainted, so that is what I have decided to do.

Here are the parts laid out in an early picture, since then the coupler has been replaced with a fiberglass coupler and the Giant Leap Rocketry Fireball was not used.

Airframe is custom 0.094 inch Carbon Fiber tube and fins are 0.094 inch graphite plate from Aerospace Composite Products. Nose cone is ScotGlas affixed to a custom-machined aluminum coupler and removable bulkhead. Future GPS electronics will mount in the nose.

Avionics section is a Hawk Mountain fiberglass coupler with G10 bulkheads.

Avionics are two (2) PerfectFlite MAWDs with mach delay set at 10 seconds and main deployment at 700 feet. Parachutes are Rocketman R24D drogue and 2 R7Cs for mains.

construction photos on next page...if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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